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About Us

Bartenders4you is here to help you take all the guessing out of planning your beverage menu for any event. Let us handle every aspect of your beverage needs from non-alcoholic to tasty cocktails. Hiring a professional bartending service allows you to maximize every wedding dollar and gives you the freedom to be creative with your drink menu. We will work with you to come up with your very own signature drink along with a customized drink list to satisfy all your guests and your budget. We are your mixology specialists taking your event to that next level.

Bartenders4you is unique from other bartending services we are husband and wife owned and operated and we do all our own parties, so you deal directly with us from beginning to end. Your DJ may be the entertainment but your bartenders are the ones that engage with your guests throughout the night ensuring everyone is having a great but safe time. Free consultations and tastings; book yours today. We can even provide ice sculptures, ice bars beverage luge to take your event to that next level.